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What makes Dr Gallo & Associates different?

Our primary concern is the care and service our patients receive when they visit our practice. That’s why our Optometrists go the extra mile when fitting your lens to your visual needs.

Our lens fit is not just designed to meet the centre of your pupil, but custom tailored to account for the natural way your eye moves, how light bends through your lens and how your new frame fits your face in proportion to the distance from your pupil. The result is a sharper, clearer vision from the centre and periphery of the lens, less light aberrations and an overall higher quality visual experience.

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Sunglass Lenses

Our sunglasses lenses are available with or without a prescription, in polarized and non-polarized options.

Prescription lenses for single vision and progressives are available in grey, brown and green-grey tints. These lenses will allow you to transform any pair of frames into sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Polarized lenses are the ideal lenses to reduce glare, improve visual comfort and clarity, reduce eye strain, and improve contrast with a truer perception of colour. These lenses absorb 85% of visible Light.

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Variety of Lenses

No matter the style, shape, type or prescription we have a large selection of lenses that cater to all individual needs. We carry the following lenses:

Single Vision Lenses

Choosing the right prescription lenses for your eyeglasses will not only help you see more clearly, but will also ensure that your lenses are as thin and light as possible. 1.59 index polycarbonate material makes lenses 12 times more impact-resistant than standard plastic lenses and up to 22% thinner than standard lenses.

Progressives & Bifocal Lenses

Progressive and Bifocal lenses allow for multiple prescriptions in one lens (known as the ‘add’), allowing you to see both near and far. Progressives include the added benefit of a no-line lenses with an intermediate distance, which is useful for tasks such as computer usage. Our digital progressive lenses provide the ultimate visual clarity with greater prescription accuracy.

These progressive lenses will provide everything that you need in a pair of glasses. You will never have to switch back and forth between reading and distance glasses. Unlike bifocal lenses, progressive lenses have no line and are optimized for not only reading and distance, but also for a third intermediate distance, such as your computer screen. The digital lens allows for a wider intermediate corridor that minimizes peripheral distortion.

The process of adapting to a new prescription and lenses can take anywhere from a few days to one full month, even if you have previously worn progressive lenses. Try to not go back and forth with your old prescription.

Wear your new glasses at home and at the office to start, then driving as soon as you are comfortable with your new glasses.

The traditional Bifocal lens includes both near and far distances, and includes a segment line that separates the two. The upper section of the lens includes the distance prescription, while the lower section of the lens includes a nearer, reading prescription.

Transitions Lenses

Transitions lenses are adaptive lenses that automatically adjust from clear to dark through activation from UV light. These lenses are available for both Single Vision and Progressive prescriptions.

UV light activates the lens technology to transform the lenses from clear to dark, and a range of tint in-between. The lenses are fully clear indoors and at night, and when UV activated block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

If you spend a lot of time driving, you may want to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car. Car windshields have UV protection and block the UV needed to activate the Transitions lenses we offer in the car.

According to the Vision Council, children “receive more annual sun exposure than adults because many of their activities are outdoor-based… this exposure to sunlight also increases children’s exposure to damaging UV light.”

As children are constantly moving between indoor and outdoor settings, it is never too early to start protecting their eyes from harmful UV rays.

Lens Coatings

Lens coatings are key to ensuring an optimal experience with your glasses lenses. From reducing the glare of digital devices to protecting your lenses from daily wear and tear, selecting a coatings bundle will both extend the life of your lenses and provide comfort throughout the day.

Scratch Resistant

Glasses naturally take on a lot of wear and tear, and cratched lenses can affect your vision, leading to damaging eye strain. A Scratch Resistant coating will extend the life of your lenses and help to ensure clearer vision.


Back-glare, which occurs when light bounces in the back of the lens and into the eyes, can be both distracting and damaging to the eye, especially as we now spend an increasing amount of time with digital devices, such as computers, tablets, and televisions. An Anti-Reflective coating reduces eyestrain by eliminating ambient glare from car headlights, computers, digital devices and televisions.

UV Protective

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation not only damages the skin but also the structure of the eye. This coating provides 100% Ultraviolet (UV) protection that is essential in protecting the eye. For added protection from the sun you may be interested in Transitions or prescription sunglasses lenses.