Prescription Safety Glasses

At Dr Gallo & Associates, we can help you find the perfect pair of prescription safety glasses to meet the needs of both your eyes and work environment.

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Protect Your Eyes on the Job

According to the CNIB, every day in Canada, over 700 workers sustain some form of eye injury on the job, often resulting in a permanent loss of vision.

This statistic is even more shocking given the fact that virtually all of these injuries could have been prevented with eye protection, such as goggles or prescription safety glasses.

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Safety on the Job

Safety eyewear is recommended if you work where possible hazards include flying objects or chemicals. Even if you don’t work in hazardous situations, you should wear protective eyewear when you walk through these areas.

Safety in Sports

Safety eyewear is also recommended for any sport with balls, racquets or flying objects. Whatever your lifestyle, when it comes to your sight put safety first.

Safety at Home

What applies in the workplace, also applies to home. If you are using large equipment such as power saws, woodchoppers or lawn mowers, protective eyewear should be part of your workshop or gardening equipment.

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